MiniPro Combi


The least expensive commercial hand held mixer in the world, the MiniPro is quick, efficient and ideal for all lightweight mixing. The MiniPro Combi includes our famous MiniPro handheld mixer as well as an additional whisk attachment, ideal for whipping egg whites or making whipped cream. 

Comes complete with a whisk tool, mixer tool, standard titanium plated cutter blade, an emulsifying cutter blade, a dairy blade and a batter blade. Suitable for up to 4 L of mixing with mixer and 5 L with whisk.


Model Number (115 V)
Model Number (230 V)
Mixer Tool Length
Whisk Tool Length
Mixer Speed
Whisk Speed
160 mm / 6.5″
185 mm / 7″
200 W
0 – 13 000 RPM
0 – 2500 RPM



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