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Dynamic Mixers — Salad Spinner

Dynamic, the inventor of the Commercial Salad Spinner, has your salad drying needs covered with the largest selection of salad dryers in the foodservice industry. The Manual Salad Spinners are perfect for intensive daily use thanks to their sturdy design and allow for fast and efficient drying. Choose between different sizes that range from 2.5 to 5 gallon (10 to 20 litre) capacities. Dynamic also offers an Electric Salad Spinner with a sturdy design and a 5 gallon (20 litre) capacity for effortless and higher volume drying. The innovative stabilizing base option also decreases drying time while increasing productivity.increasing productivity.

The manual salad dryer also comes with the option of a sealed cover allowing less maintenance. All salad dryers are designed with an incorporated antibacterial agent in accordance with HACCP recommendations.

Washing and drying lettuce has a positive effect on food cost and above all promotes a healthy choice making salad dryers an important tool in your everyday foodservice preparation. The benefits of a drier lettuce include a longer lasting product and a better adherence of dressing with no run off effect both important cost issues. Salad dryers are healthier and more efficient.

Dynamic Mixers — Salad Mixer
Dynamic Mixers — Salad Mixer
Dynamic Mixers — Salad Mixer Base
Stabilizing Base