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Since its inception in 1964, Dynamic has been the inventor and industry leader of the Immersion Blender, the Manual Salad Spinner and the number one food cutter in the world, the Dynacube. Over the years, Dynamic has developed a wide range of innovative food preparation products used in most professional kitchens. It is Dynamic’s commitment and innovation for over 50 years that has given the company its notoriety in the foodservice industry.

To this day, Dynamic products like our Immersion Blenders are 100% made in France and the company continues its tradition of in-house manufacturing of all components that make up each piece of equipment. This corporate strategy of total control of production ensures product quality, reliability and durability at the factory level all while allowing a compre-hensive warranty and achieving the company’s goal of sustaining the highest level of customer service.

Dynamic understands the needs of our customers and strives to provide the highest level of service. From the most diversified Immersion Blender lineup to the number one food cutter in the world, Dynamic products cover all of your mixing, drying, dicing and juicing needs.

The No. 1 Dicer in the World!

The Dynacube is the perfect manual kitchen tool for quality and precise cutting. Click on the link below to discover how simple and practical it is for dicing rapidly and efficiently.

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